Research results don’t have to be boring. Design doesn’t have to be hard. With the Field Guides, we created short, simple, readable, usable tools for people who want to make voting interactions easier, faster, and more pleasant for voters, poll workers, and administrators.

Field Guide Specs

Each 32-page, 3.5 x 5-inch book includes 10 guidelines, steps, or tips, along with a quick checklist at the end to help you know whether what you’re making will work.

The covers are printed on 100% recycled chipboard. The internal pages are vegetable- based inks on 100% recycled papers. The Field Guides are printed by Scout Books and designed by Oxide Design Co.

To learn more about the Field Guides, download complete PDFs, or order printed copies, please visit the Center For Civic Design.

Full set of Field Guides

Set of 8 Field Guides

  • Vol. 01. Designing usable ballots
  • Vol. 02. Writing instructions voters understand
  • Vol. 03. Testing ballots for usability
  • Vol. 04. Effective poll worker materials
  • Vol. 05. Choosing how to communicate with voters
  • Vol. 06. Designing voter education booklets and flyers
  • Vol. 07. Designing election department websites
  • Vol. 08. Guiding voters through the polling place

Field Guides may no longer be purchased at, but to order printed copies, please contact